Colin Wilson Conformism Analysis

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How does one look at a state, or a group of people, and attempt to understand them. Often times the first thing you would look at in this case is not the higher class or those who hold any power, but the main class in the state. Those who do most of the work, the physical labor, to keep the community going economically and in any other way possible. One way this was put about the average class, or the average man is that "The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain." quoted by Colin Wilson. To imagine how one person could sum up the entire history or definition of a culture or class of people is oftentimes unfathomable, yet Wilson attempts to do in this quote appeared above. This quote is pondered by most modern men as to how they live their lives and…show more content…
I don’t know any person who under any and all circumstances will be willing to change himself for society’s rules and behavioral standards. In my experiences with many types of people they do not all have the same reaction, especially not all being of stoic nature or of a cow. To be stoic you don’t show emotion, well most of the population will have a reaction. Now some of these people are this way because they try to hide and just aren’t good at it, and many others will tell you their opinion without a care if you can see their emotional reaction or not. To look at his quote I can’t ever agree that an overwhelming amount of the population, which had to be who Wilson was talking about, were conformists or of a stoic

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