Colin Wilson Conformism Essay

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"The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain." This is a quote toward the modern human by Colin Wilson. This quote is his way of explaining how humans conform to society and how conformity is a slowly increasing epidemic, one could say. People are growing to be afraid to be their own person so they follow the conformities to avoid judgement and being talked about in a negative way. To be a conformist is to follow the style or rule of other people to “fit in” and Colin Wilson does a very accurate way of describing how conformists are like a cow that stands in the rain. They conform and they follow without doing anything about it, just like a cow will not do anything to…show more content…
The individual is the least conforming of the three. Every individual is and nonconformist in their own way. No individual can conform to every single thing in the world; but they can conform to ideas and laws as well as society. Some individuals are the type of people who hate the idea of conformity and call themselves “hipster” while some people conform in every way they can in order to “fit in” with the rest of society. Wilson is trying to say that humanity as a whole does this, which is not the case whatsoever.There are cases where people conform with the fear of being an unprotected outcast. What this means is that if someone decides to not aid another or be involved in certain things, those things will not have an inclination to do anything for that individual. The individual person must conform to certain things, but feel that it is their right to choose to remain independent from another concept. It all depends on the situation, and the individual caught in that

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