Average Day Short Story

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Average Day It was just an average Friday, in which my brother and I woke up and left for school. With a few days left of the school year, I was almost done with fourth grade and was really excited for summer to start. The bus had dropped me off at home around 4:15 like usual. Although my family did not have plans, Jake and I were excited for the weekend. When walking in the door, my mom told us that she and my dad needed to have their taxes done that night and that we had to go with them. Jake and I begged to stay home, but our parents did not buy it. When my dad arrived home from work, we jumped in the truck and left. Even though it was only a half hour ride it felt like we had been driving forever. We arrived to an unknown town, at a random house that I did not recognize. For some odd reason my parents wanted us to get out and go inside. We started walking up the concrete driveway. Jake and I dragged our feet slowly as we headed for the backyard with confused looks on our faces. Jake and I did not ask many questions besides “How…show more content…
I was so excited that the car ride felt like forever. As a family, we were still deciding on the name, either Remy, Buddy, or my favorite name Gunner. He was going to be a hunting dog so all of these names would suit him well. We reached the house and I finally got to see my cute puppy again. I raced my brother to the backyard and we fought over who gets to hold him first. It was a long process for my parents. There were many papers that had to be filled out so that was a little boring for us, but we were entertained by playing with the remaining puppies. The lady who sold us the puppy asked me what we were going to name him and I told her that we chose the name Gunner. After I had told her what his name was going to be she had said that she and her kids had named all the puppies for fun and that was already was his name. After the lady told me this, I knew that it was meant to
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