Compare And Contrast All Summer In A Day

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In our world, movies are constantly changed into movie adaptations. Most times, the books or novels prove superior compared to the movies. Very rarely, however, movie adaptations might be stronger. In class, we read a science fiction piece by one of the greatest writers, Ray Bradbury. This short story is called “All Summer in a Day”. After that, we watched its movie adaptation. In the original short story, Ray’s descriptive writing and minimal dialogue created a distinct mood to the story; whereas the movie adaptation didn’t. My reasoning lies with the strong metaphors and similes used to describe Venus and its weather, Margot’s appearance and dialogue, and the way the children’s jealousy is directed towards her. Ray Bradbury’s depiction of Venus’s everlasting sound of hailing rain, and spine-chilling concussion storms fashions such a dark image, it evokes…show more content…
In the movie, Margot has a friend named Paula, and the children occasionally talk to her about the sun as if they believe her, which leaves the audience also assured that the sun will come out. This makes the audience anticipate a whole happy ending, which is really predictable. But, in the short story, the children’s neglectfulness of Margot leaves it with a feeling of no hope about the sun, which makes you pity Margot because she’s been targeted because of the sun. The children in the story also seem to support William, the mean kid, every time. An instance from the story is when William accused Margot that she doesn’t remember the sun, the kids laughed while they screamed. They also told Margot she was liar when she described the sun as a fire in the stove. This shows jealousy, which makes you want to side with Margot even more. However, in the movie, the kids stood up for Margot at some point when William said something unkind to
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