The Characteristics Of A Short Story In Leonardo Borges's Story

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How does Borges construct a short story and what role do details and the conclusion play in his stories? Borges is an author who writes stories mainly within the genre of magical realism and like every author he has his own unique writing style. After reading a couple of his short stories his writing style quickly becomes familiar with the audience but it is this unique writing style in itself that makes a Borges story unpredictable, exciting and just overall addicting to read. At the beginning of a story , he begins it fast paced often getting into the plot of the story with no gradual set up and many times begins the story by recounting a past event within the story itself. As the story progresses, Borges constantly includes minute, subtle…show more content…
In this quoted passage from the story, Borges briefly sets up the setting, the plot and the protagonist all within the first paragraph while doing it in such a manner that is seamless and flows more naturally rather than it feel forced just to inform the reader right away. Borges also tends to add specific dates and places at the beginning of the story and to make it seem as if he’s recounting a past event which immerses the reader more and adds more realism to the story. A key factor in magical realism is to make the story realistic while also including magical elements which is the reason why Borges add dates and recounted stories to give the story a genuine feel. He knows how to entice his audience by giving just the right amount of detail to provide enough context for the reader to understand the plot of the story but leaves out just enough to make them want to keep reading. When the story states, “Dr Yu Tsun… casts an unsuspected light on this event” the reader not only now knows the protagonist and narrator of the story but is also prompted to continue reading to know what is the “unsuspected light” being shed on that event. Another great example of this can be seen in Borges’ The Secret Miracle where…show more content…
The average reader would be clueless and oblivious to the fact that Borges is foreshadowing the fate of the man and that he’s the target of Tsun. One of the most telltale signs of a Borges story is the way in which he concludes his short stories which can be described as elegant because of its simplicity due to ending in a couple sentences that tie up all the details Borges had scattered throughout the story. An example of this is in the ending of The Garden of Forking Paths where it states, “Albert rose from his seat…. I had the revolver ready. I fired with the utmost care: Albert fell without a murmur, at once…. The secret name of the city to be attacked got through to Berlin….I read the news in the same English newspapers which were trying to solve the riddle of the murder of the learned Sinologist Stephen Albert by the unknown Yu Tsun. The Chief, however, had already solved this

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