Pardoner Vs Defense Lawyer Essay

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The Pardoner and a defense lawyer have very different professions, but both are tremendously greedy and manipulative. These two figures are masters at exploiting, and have learned to make a living off of their tactics. Their fondness of money and fortune tie the two together, along with their deceitful schemes. On the other hand, the Pardoner and a defense lawyer’s professions are almost entirely opposite. Each of the two have their own, distinct profession, but in the end, their way of living, their interests, and their morals make the two exceptionally similar. The job of a defense lawyer is to defend an individual charged with a crime, and their goal is to have the jury come back with a non-guilty verdict about their client. In order to be a defense lawyer, there are certain qualifications an individual must meet; the main one being a law degree held by the individual practicing law. On the contrary, the Pardoner’s profession is to travel to various towns and sell official pardons from his church granting forgiveness of…show more content…
After all, a law professor's salary is almost always above average, but requires less hours than average (Weiss). This occupation is habitually viewed and stereotyped as being exceptionally greedy. Debra Weiss even said, “If you are looking for a job that pays the most for the least amount of work, consider becoming a law professor”. Correspondingly, the Pardoner is also seen as particularly greedy. He was even known to make more “In one short day… than the parson did in a month or two...” (Chaucer 724-5). Chaucer described him as being exceptional at his trade and said, “... There was no pardoner in England,/ north or south, to match him” (712-3). Everything the Pardoner does is based on making money; he has even came up with many schemes to get men and women to hand over their

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