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Ever wondered how the career of the automotive technician career was created? Automotive Service Technicians are all about repairing any type of cars. They have been around since the beginning of the Automotive Service Industry. They’re many different types of fields for an Automotive Service Technician. To begin, one should take “Automotive and Shop classes, Mathematics, English, and Computer classes. Adjustments and repairs to many car components for which good mathematical are essential” (Automotive Service Technicians, 2011). One should have good reading skill and as a technician must do a lot of reading to stay competitive in today’s job market. Also, one must take English classes that will prepare you to handle many volumes of manual…show more content…
They’re different careers in the Automobile Industries like an Automotive Service Advisor and/or a Shop foreman. The least entry-level of education for the Automotive Service Industry, is to at least have a High School diploma. The people need to accomplish a minimum of two to five years of in any community college. The best way to be starting in the field, is to be attending one of the Postsecondary programs around the country. If someone is willing to work in this field, there’s a possibility of most likely to take a tests called, ASE and NATEF to get a certification in order to get a job as a mechanic (Service Manager Automotive Salary(n.d.) . Most of the training programs are offered in high schools, community colleges, and also is public and private educational and technical…show more content…
The first electric car was invented by Robert Anderson in 1832. In 1885, Karl Friedrich Benz invented the first gasoline car (Koltes). Karl F. Benz created the true automobile during 1885 and 1886 (Fun Science Facts from the Library of Congress). In 1886 Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Wilhelm created the first four functional wheeled engine driven automobile. Henry Ford created an assembly line to create his Model T automobile. Ford invented the Model T car with a 20 horsepower engine, and that could reach up to 45mph. In 1890, Wilhelm Maybach builded the first four cylinder engine. During 1897, Rudolf Diesel builds the first diesel engine and its more efficient than regular gasoline. In 1914, Cadillac creates the first V8 engine and it was one of the most powerful engine during its time. Also in 1950, Francesco De Virgilio builded the firs V6 engine. Lastly, the Model T automobile was the first to be a low price and a mass production(Koltes). By 1915, Ford Motor Company was selling more than half a million vehicles a year and also they did a mass production during World War I (A Brief History of The Auto Mechanic’s

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