Business Case Study: Xerox, An American-Based Company

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Xerox is an American-based company dealing majorly in sell of business services and products. Some of the services that the company offers include; 1. Transaction Processing Services – The services include creation of payrolls and debit cards used for swiping. 2. Generalized Printing Services – The Company performs printing of various documents on a large scale. 3. Xerox also offers cloud storage services for cooperation’s and law firms with high amounts of data. Apart from the services offered above, the company also sells electronic products such as printers, scanners and photocopiers. Previously, the company has been experiencing problems with its printing machines/the Xerox Machines. This machine could occasionally break down resulting in customers receiving low-quality services. Whenever printing or photocopying was in progress, the machine would send an error claiming that there was no signal to drive the small printer motors. This problem, apart from causing customer dissatisfaction, had started making Xerox to lose customers at a faster rate. Xerox engineers had tried to look for a probable cause of the constant breakdown of the machines but their efforts were unsuccessful. The only solution that had remained…show more content…
Guiles Robert had asserted that the two F31 and F32 fuses, that protected the machines from excessive power that would blow them up, often became oxidized forming an insulating layer on some parts of the fuses. As a result, an electrical signal fluctuating between 0volts and 5 volts was sent to the circuit that activates the motors of the printer. Since this is a digital system, anything below 5 volts was detected by the sub circuit as zero volts hence causing the motors to remain at standstill despite the machine being turned on. Instead of constant replacement, the fuse contacts needed only to be cleaned in alcohol to remove the oxide layers and

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