Law And Order Criminal Intent: Media Analysis

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• So today the show that I did my media analysis assignment on is called Law & Order Criminal Intent and the name of that episode is the rocket man. Detective Goren and Eames were assign to this case. So the autopsy confirmed that the victim was killing in her hotel room and the victim that was killed name is Jessica hart and they’re trying to find out who killed her. Therefore Detective Goren and Eames went to victim to see if anyone didn’t get along with Mrs. Hart. The investigation leads Goren and Eames to question an ex-boyfriend and jealous colleagues of the dead woman, who was set to be the youngest astronaut ever to go up in space. As the detectives and investigators get deeper into the case they find out that have a link to suspicious…show more content…
Close to the end an unexpected twist happened and Changes everything. That’s when the Detective went inside sandy del Galo car and they found a hair wig which the color of the wig was blonde also there was some pepper spray in the back of car. So right there detectives Goren and Eames got the answer to their question Mrs. DelGaldo was caught in the act. Mrs. DelGaldo was jealous because Luke was buying Jessica necklace and a pair of earrings Mrs. DelGaldo state that why she start to get jealous get a Jessica because Luke nelson was giving her all the attention and she was not getting any. Sandy Del galdo also state that she knew that Luke loved Jessica more than her. Detectives Goren and Eames ask Sandy Del Galdo why she killed Jessica Hart she said that she did it for Luke Nelson. Meanwhile while detectives are questioning Sandy Del Galdo they notice that she start to scratch her arm and therefore sandy said that she need for medicine. That’s when they got her medicine and they took it to the lab to get it test and results came back was that it had steroids in the

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