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Four Tips to Extend the Life of Your Automatic Transmission Just like your car's engine, your car's automatic transmission will have a limited life. At some point it will likely need a major overhaul or need replacing. However, just like an engine, there are many things you can do to keep your automatic transmission healthy, and this will lead to a long lasting transmission. The following are four tips to keep your automatic transmission from wearing down prematurely and needing a major repair. Do not put unnecessary stress on your car's transmission This stress refers to how you drive your car. There are certain things a driver can do to avoid wearing down the automatic transmission. At the top of the list is quick acceleration. Fast starts…show more content…
If you are parked on a flat surface, this is no problem, but the slightest incline will put pressure on your transmission. Over time, this can create a repair issue. It is best to get in the habit of always setting your emergency break, so it can do the job instead of your automatic transmission. Keep your engine cool One of the leading causes of transmission failure is damage done from overheating. Often the reason for this is an overheating engine. If you can keep your engine cool, this will carry over to your transmission, and it will run cool as well. The best way to keep your engine cool is with oil and oil filter changes. Keeping your coolant at their proper levels is also critical. Change your transmission fluid and filter Although this is obvious to many people, some car owner's get into the habit of checking their fluid levels, and then adding fluid if the transmission is running low. This by itself is a good idea, but it you need to change your fluid periodically as well. Transmission fluid, like your car's engine oil, gets dirty and losses in effectiveness. Check you owner's manual for recommended times for transmission fluid

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