Vietnamese Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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My parents always pester me and say, "We are not American, we are Vietnamese". This has always been a strange concept to me since I consider myself both American and Vietnamese. I am involved in two cultures Vietnamese and American Culture. Vietnamese and American culture, both emphasis work ethic, patriotism and beauty standards. Vietnamese and Americans both value hard work. In Vietnam parents go away for a whole year only visiting during Tết, Vietnamese New Year, because they need to provide for their family. When I was younger, I barely saw my parents at home because they were constantly working to pay the bills. Vietnamese people don't get acknowledged for being diligent in fact; it is expected to have a good work ethic. My parents moved to America to get better opportunities, but moving to the United States does not mean they are less motivated in fact; they have to try harder to prove they belong in this country. My dad is respected and admired by his friends and colleagues because he came to this country with no money, and little knowledge of the culture but managed to find a success. To be…show more content…
Americans are known for being extremely proud of the United States, the land of the free, but there is a thing about being too proud. Over the summer one my mom's nail salon received a letter from one of their customers saying they should stop speaking Vietnamese because this is America and in America we speak English. America is a diverse country with people from all over the world, what I love about is wherever you go you'll never know who you’ll meet. Although Vietnamese people, like my mom and dad won't call anyone out for not liking their food, music or clothes they could argue that Vietnam is the best country. You can't always tell if someone has a sense of pride in their country but something that won’t change is how we judge

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