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MIDTERM WILLIAM WRIGHT GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY In this paper I will discuss the effects that psychological research can raise when dealing with ethical issues. I will begin by talking about how experimenter design can minimize concerns. I feel that by utilizing the experimenter design it is more controlled with a smaller number of participants rather than something that could potentially affect an entire. The experimenter design can minimize concern on ethical issues by demonstrating the process by which the experiment is controlled through getting the consent from human participants and providing them with detail instruction on what they would be doing. Also with the experiments that were considered to be unethical animals were used in the place of humans. Next I will discuss nature vs. nurture conflict in psychology. For me I struggle picking which one has the most influence. The reason for this is because with nature it is influenced mostly on your genes; with that said curtained things could jump generation. An example of this is if your family has a history of alcoholism, it’s very possible you could become an alcoholic or if your family has a history of dimities or sickle cell…show more content…
I will discuss what the preoperational stage is, and how it is associated with that period as well as the sensorimotor stage. I will begin with the sensorimotor stage this is the newborns begin to do things based on reflex. An example of this would be the sucking reflex or reaching. The other term I will discuss is the preoperational stage, the preoperational stage is when word association with objects and action. An example of this would be whatever the child see is what their attention is on. Based on my experiences with newborns in my family I have seen that a newborn automatically know how to hold on as well as suck their bottle and begin to recognize people and

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