Authoritative Parenting Style

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An authoritative parents offer an appropriate type of balance in child’s development yet authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved parents were unable to provide. Thus, a global evaluation concluded that authoritative parenting style recognized as an optimal parenting styles for child’s development (Lamborn, 1991). Bednar & Fisher studies indicate that authoritative parent have more influence with their children that their peers do simultaneously children of authoritative parents tend to be cooperative with peers, siblings and adults (Fisher, 2003). According to Baumrind, children raised in authoritative environment are also more likely to have positive reasoning ability, empathy and altruism (Baumrind D. , 1966). In addition, Baumrind’s research…show more content…
The children tends to have high self-esteem and self-confident throughout their life yet in compare with the children raised by neglectful or authoritarian parents which they may be seem more resourceful (Rothrauff TC, 2009). The recent study stated that children with permissive parents were three time more like to engage in underage alcohol use yet this indicate permissive parenting’s children likely linked to other illegal activities. Meanwhile, Lamborn’s study equally concluded that children raised by permissive parents indicate a higher rates of misconduct and so directly resulted children have a lower levels of academic achievement where they not interested in study (Lamborn SD, 1991). “Permissive parents are more responsive than they are demanding. They are nontraditional and lenient, do not require mature behavior, allow considerable self-regulation, and avoid confrontation” written by Baumrind (Baumrind D. , 1991). For instance, the permissive parents choose not to intervene when their child grabs toy for his/her playmate yet parent believe that their children able to handle by themselves or sometimes the permissive parent rationalize that their child has the right to own the toy in the beginning. In short, children with permissive parents resulted lack of self-discipline, occasionally shown poor social skills,…show more content…
When neglectful parents take priority for their needs and want prior theirs child that distinctly possible to cause a significant negative impact on the child’s psychological development which children feel not affection by their own parent. The child often treats indifferent by parents where they feel pessimism due to lack of encouragement and teaching in child’s development by their own parent. Unfortunately, child raised by neglectful parent faced the social isolation, lack of friendship and support from relatives that make them suffering from loneliness, fear, anxiety and difficulty forming attachment in life. Children with neglectful parent more likely to misbehave that increase the risk of substances abuse and tend to exhibit more delinquency during adolescence compare with children raised from authoritative, authoritarian and permissive due to lack of receiving an appropriate behaviours learning and regulating by their parent in child’s development. Whereby, the academic performance of child with neglectful parents also poor in compare with children with authoritative, authoritarian and permissive. According to the studies carry out by Diana Baumrind, the child outcomes with neglect parent tends to be deficit in cognition,

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