Roman Gladiator Thesis

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A Roman gladiator The idea of “gladiator” started 70 BCE and ended 346 CE I am choosing this topic because it shows how cruel people can be when they have they would force their slaves to fight and kill each other for the entertainment of their master and the average Roman people. I aim to get a better understanding of the Roman gladiators, the way in which they were treated and how they trained and fought To improve my information gathering skills I intend to use the internet to get information about the gladiators I plan on going to the library and find books about gladiators Gladiators were mostly condemned criminals, slaves or prisoners of war. Of course there were exceptions such as professional gladiators which were free men that wanted to participate in the games. Others were citizens who were in debt and sold themselves to gladiator…show more content…
When gladiators fought and one of them was injured on the verge of death his fate would be in the hands of the emperor and the spectators. The emperor would normally listen to the shouts of the spectators, the majority would usually win, the spectators would shout either live, or kill, and then the emperor would give the thumb up(kill) or thumb down(spare) this was all up to the emperor but it was influenced by the public. Gladiators were usually spared, the gladiators would only be killed if they were cowards, if they fought bravely and entertained the crowd they would be spared. The idea that gladiator were often killed probably came from movies, the lanista(trainer) had a big investment in these gladiators if they were to be killed as often as seen in the movies the owner would go out of business. In most cases the emperor would pay a fee to the owner for the gladiators to be killed, discouraging the emperor to put his thumbs up. There were a few cases where the gladiators had to die this event was called sine missione which meant no

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