Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biotechnology

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What is biotechnology? Biotechnology focuses on cell and tissue culture. The cultivation of food plants producing i.e. wine, antibiotics and more. It is clear to say that are new and different products created through biotechnology. Example 1 - Wine Advantages  Small amount of chemicals are used and these chemicals don’t affect buyers. (plume, 2015)  Vineyards are using organic material that don’t affect the land (plume, 2015)  Wine bottles are priced at affordable prices (plume, 2015)  Different types of tastes are found in wine bottles (plume, 2015) Disadvantages  Not all wine categories are made in the same year. (plume, 2015)  Wine cannot be mass produced there are fewer wine farmers. (plume, 2015)  Certain types of wine need…show more content…
Biotechnology enhances the following:  The cell and tissue culture of an organism in products (S.Visalakshi, 2008)  The result of this is being able to drink beer (S.Visalakshi, 2008)  Tasting wine Enhancing the flavor of chocolates (S.Visalakshi, 2008) 1.4 Discuss any ethical issues which may have arisen around your examples of biotechnology  A good understanding of science is needed (Glenn, 2000-2015)  The trans gene in products may cause allergies (Glenn, 2000-2015)  Genetically identical plants and animals leads to a loss of diversity (Glenn, 2000-2015)  One extra gene could cause major problems in organisms (Glenn, 2000-2015)  Genetic change in species is increased and the same specie may become extinct (Glenn, 2000-2015) 2. What is genetic…show more content…
(Glenn, Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering and Transgenics, 2013) Ethical issues on gold rice  The money used to develop new rice can be used to develop the infrastructure of the country  The genetic engineered rice will affect and contaminate organic rice, and producing new rice may go against producing new rice (Weebly, 2005) 3. What is your personal viewpoint based on the research you have carried out?  Genetic engineering cannot be regarded as biotechnology. Because genetic engineering is the modification of the genome of a specific organism. In biotechnology we manipulate the plant with technology. Biotechnology has improved products and genetic engineering has improved organisms. 4. Evaluate whether your view point has been influenced by the sources you

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