Atomic Bomb Pros And Cons

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The atomic bomb being dropped on Japan is a very controversial topic. many people believed it was a harsh decision on the US's part. On the other hand, even more believe it was necessary to do it. Another effect was the recolonization of war. The pros and cons are very high. In my opinion the use of the atomic bomb was necessary for the US to use. It helped the war end faster along with fewer US casualties. Many people were upset with the thousands of Japanese citizens that died, however, more lives were saved. The gruesome battles of World War II would of taken many more lives and wounded many more than lives were lost in the dropping of the nuke. The war would of lasted, I believe, many months to years later. Without the bomb,…show more content…
Prolonging the war means spending more money for ammunition, weaponry, vehicles, etc. Families at home would be affected due to the men not being home and working jobs to support the families. In my opinion, if World War II came down to a war between economies, the United States would of easily triumphed over Japan. The United States has a much larger population and much larger economy than The last reason the atomic bomb was a positive thing, was it changed the course of the war. Along with the heavy hit on the economy, many troops were lost in the battles of World War II. The United States and Japan already lost a tremendous amount of men. Without the bomb more people would have been taken from their families, and both nations would of taken a big economical hit. With the massive amount of missiles already used by the US, it has already become the dominant military force in the war. the aftermath of the explosions and ultimate decimation caused, it was used to scare the other nations. No one wants their cities to be absolutely terminated by one bomb. The fear of such decimation to a city is absolutely terrifying to a nation. This scare tactic has been used by nations ever since to stop

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