Nurse Ratched's Cuckoos Nest

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So I guess Im supposed to connect this wonderful book to social psychology so I’ll try my best. For starters social psychology “is the branch of psychology that studies the effects of social variables on individual behavioral, attitudes, perceptions and motives; also studies group and intergroup phenomena.” (the assignment sheet). Now that we know what i will be talking about let's get to the book. “Cuckoos Nest” is about a psych ward that is run by a very authoritarian nurse named Nurse Ratched. She is not ratchet by the way. This ward has various inmates who are in for various reasons, some are vegetables, they literally stand around all day. Then there are other people who talk and just have various problems with themselves. The biggest two characters besides the Ratched are McMurphy and Chief. Chief is thought to be a…show more content…
The book is about how McMurphy tries to liven up the place all the while clashing directly with Ratched the entire book. The social perspective is seen quite easily in the book because Ratched uses her power to make everyone in the place fear her. Right away in the first few pages of the book we have a scene where Chief sees the nurse as a monster with like tentacles or something like this. Because of all of the fear that the nurse is able to instill in the various inmates they start to see her as someone not even human. They are degraded to something below human beings until Mcmurphy starts to come in and change things up a little bit. McMurphy comes in thinking he is the man and that he can get away with anything, which is against everything that the hospital is about. So McMurphy is trying to change the social aspect of the hospital from the start of the book and because he is trying to do this he clashes tremendously

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