A Jelly Fish Figurative Language

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Looks can be deceiving; things are not always as nice as they look. Marianne Moore’s poem “A Jelly-Fish” explores this idea by telling a story of a person who is enchanted and charmed by a jellyfish. When the person reaches down to catch the jellyfish they get a sense of reality. Moore’s use of figurative language and enjambment shifts the ton in “A Jelly-Fish” from magical and wonder to caution and fear over the course of the poem, which helps support the overall message. The first type of figurative language Moore uses to help the theme is a metaphor. Metaphors compare two things; in this case she is comparing the jellyfish to a “fluctuating charm” in line 2 and an “amber-tinctured amethyst” in line 3. When she compared the jellyfish to

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