Turia's Loyalties To Her Husband Analysis

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Moreover, wives are demanded loyalties to their husband. Turia is especially exalted by her sincerity. Even though Turia’s husband experiences his failure of political career, Turia never abandons him. Turia sells all of her jewelries in order to help her husband escape from enemies and find a place to hide him safely. She puts herself forward when challenges Augustus’s colleague Lepidus and begs for her husband’s pardon. She acts as a fearless and determined woman in sipre of all abuses and scorn she endures (CIL 6.1527, 31679, Shelton, p.293). Actually, rome’s laws are very brutal about wives’ disloyalties to their husband. For example, when a husband finds out his wife’s adultery, the law gives the husband right to kill the seducer and he

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