French Revolution Research Paper

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The French Revolution was a period of reorganizing the social and political order of France, led mainly by peasants and bourgeoisie. The point of the revolution was to overthrow the monarchy that was France and replace it with a fairer and more equal society. However, throughout the political and social turmoil that was the French Revolution, the original monarchy was restored in the end. The most important events of the Revolution were those that showed the progression of the Revolution. These include the Flight to Varennes, the September massacres, and the Terror. The Flight to Varennes, in April 1791, was when the king tried to escape in the dark of night, in order to escape the revolutionaries that wouldn't let him leave. Also he wanted to go to Montmédy in…show more content…
The assembly took away his powers temporarily until he accepted the new constitution. This shows the disbanding from the ancien regime. Another important event of the Revolution was the September Massacres. Due to the advance of the Prussian army in France, the Paris Commune decided to throw thousands of suspected counter-revolutionaries in jail. In order to make sure that counter-revolutionaries wouldn’t help the Prussian army, the sans culottes, equal to the bourgeoisie, murdered thousands. Filled with patriotism, the sans culottes went to fight the invading Prussian army. This event shows that people are starting to accept the new political and social order and take pride in it. The final important event of the Revolution was the Terror. Dealing with an international and civil war, the republican government decided to create a committee, which would build up its power over the next year. Overtime France had become a totalitarian state, which used fear to control the citizens. They began to kill thousands of suspected anti-revolutionaries and made ridiculous laws that further depleted France’s people’s spirit towards the revolution. Eventually the sans
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