Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 3 Matchmoving Techniques

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MATCHMOVING PROCESS: Matchmoving software products use photogrammetry to solve for the 3D space from a 2D plane and also relies greatly on parallax. To solve a 3D space, the software products needs some information which is general similar. The major role of the program is to create a CG or virtual camera that is seemlessly with the real camera used during the live-footage filming. 2D Tracks: 2D tracks or points on the 2D plane is very essential, the programs can’t supply any solution without the adequate points as it has no input to use in the algorithm. Most matchmoving software programs require a minimum number of tracks at any given frame in the video sequence. Parallax: Matchmoving software programs use the photogrammetry as an algorithm…show more content…
2D tracking is also refer to as the points or special markers. They are used to solve the camera's motion and the 3D space. They are two types of 2D tracking in matchmove software programs known as automatic tracking and manual tracking. Automatic tracking relies completely on the programs algorithm to create and track points in the video sequence easily. An advantage of automatic Tracking is that it saves time and reduce the noise on the plate because of the large amount of tracks. Manual tracking on the other hand is done by the matchmover artist. With manual tracking, the tracks are added by following points through the video sequence. However, it’s best to combine both techniques to achieve better solutions. This is due to the photogrammetry algorithm in software programs used for automatic tracking only achieve 80% - 90% of the 2D tracking. 3D Calibration: 3D calibration also refer to as camera solve or solving is the solution after the tracking process. This is done by just a click of a button and the software calculates the 2D tracking to generate the CG camera that matches the real camera. It produces 3D markers that represent the features that were tracked during the 2D tracking…show more content…
The field of view is the actual linear measurement of what is seen in the real scene. It is easy to get the focal length measurement by looking up the technical specification of the camera model online. In most cases, the matchmoving software can solve the fcal length and make necessary adjustments. Frame rate: The matchmoving software is able to solve video sequence adequately with the wrong frame rate but the problem arises when trying to sync the solved camera into 3D editing software programs or video editing software program with a different frame rate. It is important to ensure the settings are the same from the start in both the matchmoving, video editing and matchmoving software programs so as to save a great deal of work in a later stage. Image/pixel aspect ratio: The image aspect ratio is a fixed value that is based on the width of an image to its height which needs to be thesame as the original footage. This is usual set to 1.0 in filming [ref

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