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The setting in William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” takes place in the outskirts of Mississippi, on the road to Jefferson where Annie, the mother of the Bundern family, will be buried. This novel takes place in the 1920’s within the United States. 4.“As I Lay Dying” offers a variety of conflicts throughout the book. The main points of the book are shown through conflicts and the ideas that include family and living life. The book does an excellent job since the narrator is not one set person but rather multiple people. This allows Faulkner to include the point of view of many characters instead of one. The main concept of the book is about getting Annie’s body to Jefferson where she wished to be buried. Many internal conflict such as Dewy Dells sexual urges and Cash’s obsession with work skew the adventure of transporting their mothers body. 5.The most interesting part of the text happens near the death of Addie Bundren, mother and wife of the Bundern family. The fact that the family was separated during this loss is interesting, especially since they knew Addie was on her death bed with nearly no time left of living. Despite knowing this fact both her sons Jewels and Darl end up leaving for a job. At this…show more content…
Darl Bundren , the most logical interesting character in the novel, yet somehow ends up with the worst fate. Despite not being the oldest in the family he seems to be the one that knows the most of his siblings. Darl is more on the serious side and sentimental since he's the only one that actually went to say goodbye to his mother before she died. Also Cora, wife of the Bundren’s Neighbor Tull, says “…there seems something different in him.” Throughout the novel he seems to dislike most of his families choices but still sticks with them. His Father is Anse, his older brother Cash, and his three younger siblings are Jewels, Dewy Dell, and Vardaman. The best thing about Darl is he tries to unite the family despite there obvious internal

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