As I Lay Dying Literary Analysis

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William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying revolves around the family of the Bundrens. A conflicted family with a lot of them having different motives and beliefs on how situations should be dealt with. The setting of the novel takes place on a rural farm in Mississippi in the 1920s. The heartbreaking but yet somewhat depressing story revolves around the death of Addie Bundren ( the mother of six conflicted people and the wife of Anse Bundren) and her family's quest which motivations could be somewhat noble or selfish is to honor her last dying wish to be buried in the town of Jefferson. The story continues on the family's to Jefferson and the theme of the novel which happens to be selfishness but yet sometimes hopeful. The section that makes these themes flesh out are when the story is dealing with inner family situations having to deal with Addie Bundren and some of the difficulties that come with taking her and some of the situations the face while traveling on the way to Jefferson. The theme of selfishness comes out when either of the characters are not cooperating with everyone else, which just causes othe horrific events that lead later on, are moments they find out that they never thoght would ever be true. Faulkner deals with each of…show more content…
Arthur Millerr's The Crucible is a perfect example of how selfishness shows up deeply in both of these novels and in certain moments can be the same. The Crucible, while about the Salem Witch Trials and how people will be sent to death if they were suspected of being an actual witch. It all starts with a teenage girl Abigail who for about and if not the whole play lies about the terrible actions she chose to do and it comes out as plain selfishness, which connects with the other novel's theme of the same topic. They connect in the way because both Jewel and Abigail were not thinking of others, but just themselves and it comes off as

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