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Introduction This essay shall explain the impact significant life events has on individuals and their life and their social life, then followed by understanding the support available for people encountering huge life occasions, it will analyse reactions made by health and social services to help people encountering significant life events. 1.1 Explain the impact of significant life events on individuals A significant life event refers to a sequence of factors and circumstances or Condition, positive or negative that causes a person’s life to change socially, physically or even psychologically. These events can be issues such as bereavement, loss of job or other life changing events which alter the individual's social setting or ongoing…show more content…
However not everyone is affected or responds to the significant event in the same way. In health and social care we deal with individuals who are already vulnerable so are more susceptible to the effects of such event. Support tailored to each and e very individual is very important to prevent or minimise vulnerable people from developing issues like clinical depression or other mental health conditions. The other group of people likely to be affected by significant event within Health and social care are the staff. Staffs are the most important asset to a health and social care organisation. They are not immune to the effects of significant life events like death of a service user or an important family member of the service user in their service. The survey carried out by Rickerson et al (2005) noted that staff supporting individuals in institutions tend to suffer the symptoms of grief and are have problems with physical and emotional effects in work and relationship with their families and other…show more content…
Bereavement affects every part of an individual’s life. It could affect their concentration, thought process, mood swings, sleep pattern, mental wellbeing and ability to work. It is vital for an organisation to have policies and procedures that guide managers, colleagues and everyone in the organisation on how to deal with bereavement or significant life changing event in work place should it happen. The policy should clearly outline training for line managers on how to deal with the situation in the most sensitive and confidentiality as required by the affected individual. Bereavement standards (2012) state that individuals should be provided with support during the pre- bereavement period, including the place they wish to be when dying. Article 1:3 of Notting University Hospital states that when Mrs G was dying according to the policy staff should make effort to ensure that privacy and quiet is maintained and provided. Care Standards allows Mrs G to be respected and confidentiality to be adhered to during her time illness and

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