How Did Jesse Owens Win The Nazi Olympics

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Nazi Olympics Jesse Owens, Louis Zamperini, and many others were the stars of the Olympic Games of 1936. Jewish discrimination and Nazism were raging all through Europe, but that did not stop Jews from competing. Hitler thought the games would be a perfect opportunity to show off Nazism and Nazi Germany. He thought that the games would only be a German showcase, so he could show off all of Germany’s talent, but other countries dominated in sports. Jews even dominated in some sports. Jesse Owens and Louis Zamperini were one of the main people that showed Hitler that other races and other religions besides Germans can compete in the olympic (Berlin). The Olympics was awarded to Germany in 1931. The Nazis had just risen to power before Berlin was awarded the games. This was also the second time the games were supposed to be scheduled to happen in Germany, but the 1916 Olympics had been cancelled due to World War I. Hitler was not too excited about hosting the games, he’s not even a sports fan. Minister Joe Goebbels had to use some convincing propaganda to convince Hitler that the Olympics could be used to his own advantage. He told Hitler that the games could be used…show more content…
They were given red carpet, star quality treatment by their Nazi hosts. There were many receptions held in their honor. Berliners had repeatedly been told to make the new tourists feel welcome. The U.S. had the biggest team out of all the other teams. Three hundred and twelve athletes including nineteen African Americans and five Jews participated in the games. The Nazis gave repeated reminders to the International Olympic Committee that black athletes will be treated with respect. The Nazis also hesitantly agreed to let Jews participate. The track and field competition was dominated by Jesse Owens an African American athlete on America’s team. He won three gold medals individually and his team won twelve gold medals

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