Le Morte D Arthur Volume 2 Essay

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In the book "Le Morte D'Arthur Volume II" by Sir Thomas Malory, the narrator tells the story set in the middle ages about King Arthur and his Round Table. It's climax is mainly based on a relationship Arthur's wife, Guenever, and his best knight, Lancelot, developed. Back then, knights were supposed to be "ideal" follow the concept of chivalry, and to protect King, church and country. But Lancelot's love for Guenever makes him blind, forcing him to betrayal his ideals, to become a sinful knight, and to become careless and imprudent about the greater good. When Lancelot gets in the story, he enters the first ship he sees seeking for the Holy Grail and for a period of six months travels with Sir Galahad. After sailing together, Galahad and Lancelot…show more content…
An unexpected consequence happened as the queen went for a ride with some knights and ladies, and she gets captured by Sir Meliagaunt, who has a secret love for her, and taken to his castle (427). Sir Lancelot learned what happened, so he went to rescue her. Sir Meliagaunt knowing that he was coming, acted that the kidnap was a misunderstanding (434). During a night in the castle, Lancelot goes to the queen's chamber and almost get caught by "leaving" blood mark on her bed sheets(437). Upset about it, Sir Meliagaunt accuses the queen of treason saying, " I will call you of treason before my lord, King Arthur. And now I have proved you, madam, with a shameful deed"(438). Lancelot was ready to protect her, but he was caught in a trap getting locked in Meliagaunt' castle, but it didn't take him long to get out. Then he rushes to battle and be Guenever's champion (439,443). It all starts to fall apart when Sir Agravain and Sir Mordred had a closure into reveal the secret relationship between Guenever and Lancelot. They decided to tell Arthur "My lord, I shall tell you that I may keep no longer.[…] that Sir Lancelot holdeth your queen, and hath done long" said Agravain (458). They seek to disclose by setting up a trap trying to catch them in the act, but Lancelot found a way out. However, during the battle to save the queen, he accidentally kills Gareth…show more content…
He is supposed to be the best knight, and he had all the characteristics that describe him as a "perfect" knight. Back in the Middle Ages, all knights had a purpose; they all had ideals and a leader. But Lancelot seems to forget all that whenever Guenever comes in question. His feelings for her seemed to be stronger than his willingness to follow and respect God, king, and country. Because Lancelot is unable to resist his temptations, he lies to Arthur and he becomes sinful again. He couldn't control himself to stop, because he kept that relationship for twenty and four years. When Arthur learns about their relationship, he gets mad at them. His best knight, who he relied and trusted, cheating on him and lying caused him to be disappointed, even more than with his own wife Guenevere. In that time, marriage was about status, being together didn’t always mean that the couple loved one another as did Arthur and Guevenere they were together but clearly she had feelings for another man. And Arthur shows that he cared more about his Round Table than about her when he said, "Now I am sure the noble fellowship of the Round Table is broken forever, for with him many noble knight hold; and now it is fallen so. […] the queen must suffer the

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