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As I lay dying is characterized by certain ambiguity at the level of events. It does not possess a cut clear truth about certain subject. There many complex situations that triggers the writing of many critics and among those topics Darl sanity, which considered as debatable as one. Most readers that have read As I lay dying have not come to a clear vision or judgment about the madness of Darl. Robert Dale Parker is one of the critics who point out that’’ Darl can be both mad and sane’’. Both san and insanity are present in the character of Darl. The character of Darl has certain peculiarities like intelligence, imaginative and jealous. He is also mentally instable. From the very beginning, Darl action conceived abnormal. He takes his brother Jewel to the load with him because he knows that Jewel is the dearest child for her. However, the assumption of Darl’s madness confronted with the rational behaviors that he did in the novel. For instance, He seems the only Bundren who affected by the pressure of the situation. Indeed, he is the first one who utters that ‘Addie die’ which means he is aware of…show more content…
Shut up Darl’’(17). Jewel denies the Immensity of the death of his mother, and all he seeks for is keeping her beside his bed. “It’s not your horse that’s dead, Jewel” (94). He is completely ignorant of what happen to his Mother . On the other hand, Dewy dell lost her connection with her mother. She starts to be senseless ‘’ you wants her to die so that you can get to town’’. All she wants is her death in order to reach her aim. The other member of the family seems detached from the event. In other words, they are disjointed as they are not fully comprehended the immensity and horror that is imbued by the death of Addie. The ignorance blind their sight . so there this case of emotional detachment from the situation except Darl who is aware of the situation, and this is the case where the sanity and logic of Darl

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