Beowulf As I Lay Dying Analysis

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Veronica Cerda Mrs. Graham English 2 – Block2 25 August 2014 Beowulf In Beowulf there are many conflicts, both internal and external, found throughout the epic and one of the major external conflicts was between Beowulf and the dragon. The dragon had flown into Geatland, awoken by a greedy slave who tried to steal his gold, and destroyed villages with its fiery flames. Even though he knew he no longer was a young warrior he had to protect his people. Beowulf had ordered for an iron shield to be made so that he could protect himself from the dragon’s flames and he assembled his army and marched out to kill the dragon. Beowulf ran toward the dragon by himself and yelled a mighty war cry which made it turn and breathe fire upon him. Beowulf…show more content…
This story by William Faulkner is about a woman called Addie Bundren who is very ill, and is expected to die soon. She is the married to Anse Bundren and she has 5 children named Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman. Her eldest son, Cash, makes a coffin for her as she lays on a bed looking at him through a window. While her other two sons, Darl and Jewel, set out to make a delivery to Vernon Tull, whose wife and two daughters have been caring for Addie. Soon after they leave, Addie dies and her youngest son, Vardaman, believes his mother’s death is related to that of a fish he caught and cleaned earlier that day. Cash completes the coffin just before dawn and Vardaman is uneasy about the fact that his mother is shut inside a box. Addie and Anse’s daughter, Dewey Dell, has had a recent night of passion with a local farmhand named Lafe and has become pregnant. She is so preoccupied by her current situation that the fact that her mother has died barely registers in her…show more content…
. . . Motherhood was invented by someone who had to have a word for it because the ones that had the children didn’t care whether there was a word for it or not.” – William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying Addie says this and what it means is that words are never enough to express the experiences one has and this lets us know more about Addie as a character. “When the switch fell I could feel it upon my flesh; when it welted and ridged it was my blood that ran, and I would think with each blow of the switch: Now you are aware of me! Now I am something in your secret and selfish life, who have marked your blood with my own for ever and ever.” – William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying This quote helps reveal more of Addie’s character an how she was never really able to connect with others and the only way she could think of forging was through causing physical pain to that person. “It’s Cash and Jewel and Vardaman and Dewey Dell,” pa says, kind of hangdog and proud too, with his teeth and all, even if he wouldn’t look at us. “Meet Mrs. Bundren,” he says. – William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying Anse is introducing his children to his new bride and it is clear that Anse feels bad but proud at the same time helping the reader understand his true character a bit

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