I Lay Dying Character Analysis

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In the novel as I lay dying, the death of Addie Bundren has several characters confused and questioning themselves with the rather sizable questions of existence and identity. Vardaman becomes perplexed and horrified by the transformation of a fish he caught and cleaned into “pieces of not-fish,” (pg53) and he associates that image with the transformation of Addie from a person into an indescribable nonperson. Jewel never really speaks for himself.His sorrow is presented for him by Darl, who says that Jewel’s mother is a horse. For his own part, Darl believes that since Addie is dead she's best described as “was” rather than “is,” this is only because she no longer exists. If Addie does not exist, then Darl has no mother and, Darls judgement on logic is that, He does not exist.…show more content…
This maybe the way faulkner shows his outlook on people in general. Vardaman and Darl, the characters for whom these questions are the most urgent to, both find their hold on reality loosened as they search for the answers to their question. Vardaman speaks such foolishly early in the novel, while Darl is eventually declared insane. The fragility and uncertainty of human existence is further illustrated at the end of the novel, when Anse introduces his new wife as “Mrs. Bundren,” a name that recently belonged to Addie. If the identity of Mrs. Bundren can be taken so quickly, the inevitable conclusion is that any individual’s identity is just as

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