Artificial Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

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The argument over how robots with artificial intelligence could affect employment has been on the debate for more than a century. Technology advancements have altered the way people live nowadays and Artificial Intelligence is certainly on the run to become the hot topic for the human race. What is Artificial Intelligence? It’s basically a combination of math, science and sequence of numbers that’s a simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems, and machines. In “Outing A.I beyond the Turing Test” by Benjamin H. Bratton, Mr. Bratton scrutinizes the subject of hard A.I. proclaiming to be our biggest existential threat” marked by crucial ambiguities”(Bratton). The author raises the concern that an A.I. may be indifferent to…show more content…
Rather, the debate centers on what these changes might resemble. Imagine sitting at work and your co-worker is just a robot that has the appearances of a human and looks like human and also smarter than you and can perform multi-tasking with high level of intelligence, that would seems a bit mindboggling but as predicted by the National Intelligence Council. Although A.I. has a strong science fiction connotation, but research in A.I. is concerned with producing machines that are capable of doing automated tasks that require intelligent behavior, yet, one of the main advantages of A.I. is considered to be its ability to replace human workers in a dangerous environment and it’s widely recognized by the world and for military’s purposes. For instance, military people using human-controlled robots to disable the bomb. When discussing the danger of A.I, it’s important to focus on the benefits and the risks associated with A.I. In the most recent years, we have seen A.I, robots, and machines replacing several jobs that used to be done by people and with the rising of superhero movies promoting advanced technologies and weapons equipped with artificial intelligence. And technology is advancing so fast that we cannot predict what will come in the next few years or even in a hundred of years. This is a rising concern about the potentially harmful effects of A.I. on the job market. For example, there are now fewer people employed in the retail and banking industries, as self-serve machines and ATMs implying that customers can perform most tasks themselves with these and fewer employees are needed. Moreover, we can’t deny that AI has the potential to improve on the subjects like health care, poverty, and security that are far beyond our limits and the further development of artificial intelligence and other

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