Manipulation Depicted In William Gibson's Neuromancer

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Although we emerge ourselves into technology and at times can take advantage of it, to the point we could possibly manipulate it; could technology do the same to us? In the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson, Wintermute, the artificial intelligence built by Tessier- Ashpool Corporation, alleges that the same company that created him, wants to manipulate humanity to become like what Case dreamt of, "Because […] it's the closest thing you got to what Tessier-Ashpool would like to be. The human equivalent” (Neuromancer, pg. 165). This shows not only the possibility of manipulation on TA’s part but that of Wintermute, as he is the one who formulated the heist that Case, Molly and Armitage participated in, as well as manipulated Case’s memories to see Tessier-Ashpool as the bad guys. We also learn that Wintermute’s main goal was to unite with Neuromancer, the other part to himself.…show more content…
The man broke. Like breaking a length of wire” (Neuromancer, pg. 195). What also was present in the novel was that there wasn’t just manipulation of a person but the manipulation of the world around him/her. In chapter one, Case thinks Molly was sent by Wage to kill him; he ends up creating the whole scenario inside of his head and it is projected outward to seem as reality, "I think you screwed up, Case. I showed up and you just fit me right into your reality picture" (Neuromancer,

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