Analysis Of Piss Christ And Serrano

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Andres Serrano, a New York artist took a photograph of a crucifix and immersed in into a plastic jar that contained his urine and took another photograph. He claimed that he was showing that there is a misuse of religion (Chrisafis, 2011). The photograph was named Piss Christ and Serrano made it 1987 symbolizing religious objects immersed in fluids. The photograph was not received well as it received criticism from Christian representatives and the debate was also about the fact that it received a public funding from the US government. Piss Christ stirred a lot of controversy and cultural wars. It has been tagged a form of blasphemy and a piece that advocates for vulgarity. It has continued to affect its intended target leading to acts of anger.…show more content…
By viewing the image, it is evident that the rich colour scheme was balanced well. Gold colour has been use and it symbolizes the characters of Christ such as dignity and royalty. However, the gold colour is the reflection of the yellow urine, which instead of giving Christ the royalty; it instead strips him the dignity. Additionally, the artist included the colour red at the bottom art of the cross. Red may symbolize love because Jesus died for the sins of humans, however, red could also symbolize anger, and maybe the artists had some anger towards Christ at the time he made the artwork. Piss Christ is therefore a controversial piece since it brings the opinion that it is a personal depiction of what happened in Calvary. The piece is not merely about Jesus but about the followers of

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