Argument Against Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites. Racial Profiling has been around way longer than most people think. Racial profiling has a large effect on more minorities than just blacks, Even though African Americans are greatly affected historical events in history have caused others to be impacted by racial profiling. Muslims are also greatly affected by racial profiling since 9/11 , it takes a toll on more than just the person but their families as well. Although many people think racial profiling is a good thing, more laws should be created to abolish racial profiling, Because it affects other people than just the person being profiled against, it causes innocent young people to be shot…show more content…
muslims for example are victims of racial profiling in America According to official statistics, during the decade following 9/11 the US saw a 150 percent rise in workplace discrimination against Muslims (Racial Profiling.). The percentage of reported hate crimes targeting Muslims increased exponentially during the 2000-2009 period (Racial Profiling.). Racial profiling also causes psychological damage. Just because of being profiled when some teens or adults are really doing nothing wrong they can most likely be charged even though they are not guilty. If teens or adults are put in prision guilty or not people can still change and police are pulling over more of that particular race which means more of them will end up in prison, which leads to, loss of education and educational opportunities, promotion of anti-social behaviours, increased criminalization of children often for conduct that does not threaten the safety of others, negative psychological impact. Racial profiling not only happens on our roads but in many other places in society as well. For example in a classroom a Palestinian child being exposed to a guest speaker in her classroom whose presentation implied that Palestinian persons should not be trusted as they are raised to be hateful and perpetrate terrorist attacks, or maybe a Sikh man who wears a turban being asked to leave a plane at Pearson International Airport due to a passenger complaint are both examples of racial profiling in other places in

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