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TRACTOR-TRAILER, TRUCK DRIVER: YOUR CAREER OUTLINE • INTRODUCTION Looking for a career where you don’t need formal educations? Or want to roam around different places while earning your livelihood? Then this is a perfect career opportunity for you. You don’t need any kind of formal education to become a truck driver. Here you’ll find out many information about the requirements, duties to judge whether it is a right career for you. • WHO IS A TRUCK DRIVER? The person controlling those 16 wheeled vehicles and wandering through the highways are mainly known as truck drivers. But truck drivers can also render service in the cities. They can do deliveries around the city. It can happen for grocery shops or offices or even for home deliveries. They actually pick up the goods from a certain transport company and deliver to the offices or residences. But these kind of driver’s duty is restricted in some specific areas. But mainstream truck driver’s workplace is the highway. They actually delivers merchandises from one city to another. Some truck drivers drive in a constant route. And some doesn’t have any restrictions of routes. This is the driver’s choice off course. And there are some truck drivers who are expert in carrying explosive or hazardous materials. •…show more content…
The main duty of this job is off course driving that huge vehicle. You must be able to control a vehicle carrying merchandises worth 26k pounds at least. ii. Transferring the merchandises safely is also the main task. Sometimes you have to carry explosive materials. So cautiousness is a must here. iii. The driver must check the condition of the vehicle if it is okay to carry goods. He must also check the security and safety equipment. iv. A truck driver must keep his working log. Such as working hours, repair statuses etc. v. He must report about the defects of the vehicle, any accident or any damage to

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