Arguments Against Racial Profiling

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The essential aspect of racial profiling is demeaning and/or disregarding a person's basic rights to equality. Should racial profiling be utilized by the law enforcement as a form of "tool"? "Racial profiling" is a practice most commonly utilized by law enforcement in which individuals are claimed to be a suspect "based primarily on race, rather than any suspicion of observed violation of the law" (Tomaskovic-devey and Warren, par. 3). Racial profiling is unethical and should not be utilized by law enforcement in any situation.. It is argued that racial profiling is "an unnecessary and ineffective tool in the fight against terrorism" (Harris, par. 1). Labeling innocent suspects because of their race is victimizing them and worsens the relationship between the community and law enforcement because of their misjudgment. The police hold a higher standard than the average citizen. They are accounted to abide by the law, and the police force is expected to…show more content…
The public's view and trust of law enforcement are vital for regulating the democratic society we live in. The legitimacy of the law enforcement plays a crucial part in the community because of the authority the police obtains. Without the authority of the law, enforcers such as the police will lose jurisdiction thus causing the government to be obsolete. Losing the trust of citizens would create a mishap towards the governed society which causes a mayhem within the community. The law enforcement should have no malpractice or corruption simply because they are the ones who are enforcing the law. An ineffective authority figure over the society would cause a horrible impact of mistrust from the community. More importantly, racial profiling is naturally inefficient due to the ratio of criminals to innocents in every population. Racial profiling results in repeated screening of benign individuals ultimately resulting in wasted police

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