Arguments Against Racial Profiling

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There are several controversial issues surrounding racial profiling and the various problems that are encountered as a result of it. One issue is whether or not racial profiling exists. Racial profiling has often been referred to as the apparition occurrence because law enforcement departments’ across the nation clearly deny its existence. In all actuality racial profiling through research has been proven to be a benefit to the American society. For example, because of profiling tools used in airports and on highways, law enforcement can do their job more efficiently and safely. Safety and security is the intent of law enforcement. Without the implementation of profiling tools; America will fall prey to another attack similar to or…show more content…
The more educated/wealthy bourgeois have generally been more tolerant of generous immigration issues than of the less educated/poor proletarians. The problem with majority rule is that racial profiling is favored more so in the wealthy and educated as being the majority rather than of a minority. M W o o l a r d | 2 The majority certainly plays a larger role in the shaping of political agenda.This situation is best described as an Iron Triangle; which is usually three-sided, and has a mutually advantageous relationship between members of congressional committees. First is the congressional committee, second listed is the special interest groups and lastly the Bureaucrats. For the most part the attention is focused on the congressional committee. This could be the biggest part of the Iron Triangle. Racial profiling has been a part of the United States justice system about as long as there has been a justice system. In 1944 the Supreme Court made the decision that racial profiling was not unjust or unconstitutional. They came to a consensus to practice during times of great emergency. Since then, there have been countless lawsuits

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