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The Neolithic Revolution is quite possibly the greatest revolution in all of human history. Why you may ask? Why, because of the invention of farming! The invention of farming brought along all of these great changes that may not have happened quickly (it was from 10000 BCE to 4000 BCE), but definitely had lasting effects. Before the Neolithic Revolution, people lived their lives as hunter-gatherers. Hunter-gatherers got their food by trapping and killing wild animals, and collecting berries, plants, nuts, and fungi. Because of seasonal variation (the changes of the seasons) people needed to stay mobile to follow their food sources. Because of weather, animal migrations, long seasons, or any number of other things, starvation was just a…show more content…
The effects of the Neolithic Revolution were immense (extremely large or great). These effects were: Population Growth Specialization Trade Security Government Disease These effects were both good and bad, but they are all equally important. A sedentary lifestyle and an excess amount of food caused population growth. Children could be born closer together where previously, a four year gap was needed. Also, entire groups of people could be fed with a small number of food sources. No longer were people of the brink of starvation all the time. Villages became towns then cities took shape. The fact that not everyone needed to be involved in finding and preparing food made it possible for specialization. New skills evolved left and right. Some examples are: tool-making milling pottery weaving carpentry Because people were now together, trade increased. Extra food and crafts created a bigger amount of goods that have value to others. Then came merchants to facilitate (make an action easier) these exchanges. New systems and structures were required for this new economic…show more content…
New security measures to keep people from getting what others had came into place. They had to build barriers and walls and create the new occupation of soldiers to protect their stuff. They had to make property rules and had to enforce them. A whole new legal system emerged (began, came out). As societies became more complicated, so did their problems. This is how government was formed. Crime and threats made strong leadership and organization essential to growing cities. Government was a new class that emerged to enforce laws, to punish law-breakers, to settle disputes, and to fight wars. Government was financed by tributes (taxes from the subjects). This sedentary lifestyle brought the threat of animal and human waste. Also, people lived closer than they ever had before. It allowed diseases to jump from species to species much easier. Some diseases that came about were smallpox, TB, measles, influenza, and malaria. It was also at this time that the rat attached itself to human societies. They have prospered ever since. The Neolithic Revolution was the most important revolution in all of human history. It may have had some negatives but without it, we wouldn’t have made any of the progress we

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