Argumentative Essay: Should The Confederate Flag Be Banned

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Should the Confederate flag be banned? Would you want your freedom taken away? It’s disgraceful to know that we’re living in a supposedly free country and we can’t display an image of southern heritage, freedom of speech, and it is also a huge part of our nation’s history. The Flag of the Confederacy is a symbol of southern heritage. The states that seceded from the Union and flew the flag were based on agriculture. They relied on raising livestock, hunting, and cultivating which we still do today. The North and the South were separated by a mere line and the Confederate flag is a symbol of the heritage that stemmed from that separation. The flying of the Confederate Flag is an example of freedom of speech. It is our right as Americans to say what we want and not be persecuted by the government. It should be the people’s decision whether the Confederate Flag is flown on their property or not. It represents our freedom written in the Constitution to commit to such actions like freely fly the Confederate Flag without fear of persecution.…show more content…
It was the Confederate States of America’s flag during the American Civil War. It showed that the South was a separate entity amongst themselves. The South felt that they could freely join and leave the Union if they felt necessary. The Confederate Flag was an independent nation’s flag that is no longer independent because it is a part of the United States of America now. Many people see it from a different perspective. They see the Confederate Flag as a symbol of hate, slavery, and racism. They believe it should be banned because it was flown by people who owned slaves and displayed hatred towards African Americans. The people who lived in the South were humiliated because of the Union’s actions during and after the Civil War. However, the Confederate Flag is a part of our nation’s history. It would be like taking a piece of America away if the flag is

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