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An individual’s voice and power contribute to the decisions they make throughout their life and the impact they have on others.The authors, Dalton Trumbo and Chinua Achebe, both wrote individual books with reference to a perspective the general public assumed. Dalton Trumbo wrote the novel, Johnny Got His Gun, with an influential articulation behind World War 1 specifically, but universally all wars. However, Chinua Achebe wrote the novel, Things Fall Apart, and breaks the generalization that is embedded about the “Scramble for Africa”. Dalton Trumbo addresses the false reality of soldiers by emphasizing the tragic aftermath of one soldier, while Chinua Achebe reveals the African perspective on imperialistic power. Trumbo and Achebe each…show more content…
In spite of the fact that Joe was not able to recover his abilities and voice physically after WW1, Joe was able to recapture them mentally. Trumbo revealed the utmost power Joe had within himself when he was seen at his lowest, stating, “It was as if all the people in the world the whole two billion of them had been against him pushing the lid of the coffin down on him. … Yet he had risen.” (Trumbo 214) Additionally, Dalton Trumbo uncovers Joe’s ultimate voice by dramatizing his hardships. Trumbo acknowledged Joe’s struggled attempt at communicating with his nurse, expressing, “ … “It seemed that the only living moving thing in the whole world was his head as it tapped tapped tapped against his pillow. … When she walked away she would carry his life with her she would carry madness and loneliness and all his godforsaken silent screams” (Trumbo 212). Trumbo accentuates on Joe’s hardships, which delineates the inward quality and voice he has obtained within himself, although it is not recognized by the public at first. After WW1, the man was living, but already dead. Dalton Trumbo developed the voice Joe had when he appeared powerless by analyzing his inner capabilities. The protagonist had the ambition within himself to make his voice be heard. Joe had a desire to succeed and communicate with an individual, which encouraged him to reach his goal. The author…show more content…
The authors give an alternative significance to “voice”. They demonstrate voice can be illustrated by the inner capabilities of a person. The voice of an individual displays their identity, and assists in the decisions they make. Trumbo and Achebe each give a voice to the powerless by unfurling the inward characteristics and identities of the characters. The two authors outline the characters' hardships, and underscore on their wants and choices, which uncover their internal quality and “voice". People are able to obtain voice through strength, which causes them to appear to be powerful. Individuals who have not discovered their inner voice do not know the power they uphold. Voice holds power in itself and can dramatically affect us or

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