Persuasive Speech On Bodybuilding

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Ever heard someone who sounds like he has cock in his mouth? No it's not about the voice, it's about their message. Seems like every single week I'm having a dejavu. Opening facebook, checking news feed and seeing same old dumb pile of shit that been written and re written thousands of times. I see quotes about life and rephrased explanations on fitness with use of witty words that barely even fit description. People talk about what top influencers mention, everyone already knows about what their article or podcast going to be, just with extra scientific witty jargon and more wimpy examples. Fuck, why you cunts do this shit? Why is this happening? Where is originality? "Let put this straight, the internet is fake, people lie about lifes,…show more content…
Some avoid that line by out providing or being too successful for example Arnold and Weider, those two fucked over Mike Mentzer so badly, that he went insane and lived rest of his life in misery. I know, many of my friends love Arnold and respect him a lot, however I can never see him as I did before. It's just not possible. Sure, many would argue that Bodybuilding got popular thanks to them. However, bodybuilding was a castle build on a sand. Take a look what happens nowadays, more and more people come clean about use of steroids lack of money, and how main cash flow comes from selling overpriced and for most part useless supplements to those who don't know any…show more content…
Now I don't know anything about your activity or life. But be aware of these sociopaths, they are only there to use you. Sociopaths usually love to have loyal base of people who preach them without standing up to them and fighting battles for them. I personally know many especially well read people who associates with them. Through them sociopaths gain bigger follow up. At this moment I am witnessing a young sociopath on a raise, and oh my god. That shit is something insanely cringe worthy. Their following for most part is based of uneducated inexperienced noobs, it's sad. What baffles me is that those smart fucks I know, associate with these people. I guess they assume that somehow they learn to provide as good as that socio. Little do they know, that they are lucky if 80% of things which they wrote comes out of their own rationalization and not just a bit edited plagiarism. Morale of this, take a good look from another perspective on whoever you admire. Ask what would type of facade would insecure, fake, vomit indulging, brett pitt wanna be fuccbois use? Does he begs for his own good? Leaves he choice to you at the very low

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