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Summer break is a time for new experiences outside of the classroom. It allows us to explore our interests, and enhance our knowledge with real-life opportunities that help us develop our skills. In order to facilitate this learning, many institutions offer summer internships for high school students. These internships provide first-hand experiences, and give students insight into many different and interesting careers. This summer, I had an internship at the Hospital for Sick Children through the Student Advancement for Research Program (StAR), and was working specifically in the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning. Although I didn’t specifically shadow one doctor for a day, I got to experience and observe the daily tasks of a doctor, doctorate student, and other researchers while working in a lab environment for six weeks. For my essay, I have documented my personal experiences throughout my six week internship. This internship provided me with a sense of the daily tasks of a research doctor. When I first arrived to the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, I was assigned to the McGlade Lab that is led by Dr. Jane McGlade. The McGlade Lab focuses on cell biology, and Dr. Jane McGlade’s research interests include cancer and protein…show more content…
It was an amazing opportunity, and throughout the 6 weeks I learned a lot about cancer research, and cells. One of the most important lessons that I learned was perseverance, which is very important in research. You have to overcome a lot of failure in research, and you must be able to persevere through failed experiments, and confusing results. You must dig deeper, and not be afraid of failure, but instead embrace it as a new challenge, and question why it occurred in the first place. This lesson is not only apllicable in research, but can be applied to most career paths, and is crucial to the success of an

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