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The individual case study will review the facts, epdimiology, polysomnograpy types pathophisiology, diagnosis, recognition, and treatment for sleep apnea. Further, this case report will examine various peer reviewed, studies on sleep apnea and positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy centered on the individual PSG case study leading to the impression, recommendations, and discussion of the importance of being certified as a sleep specialist. Case study Recently, Obstructive sleep apnea has been deemed one of the most prevalent respiratory disorders in the United States and Europe, as the suggested data estimates that 14% to 49 % of the middle-aged men have been diagnosed with significant OSA (Garvey, Pengo, Drakatos, & kent, 2015). Studies…show more content…
The true prevalence of the diagnoses of OSA is difficult to measure due to varying definitions of the apnea/hypopnea index, acceptance of sleep apnea, and the recognition of the disease process. Although, a study by the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort measured that OSA was present in 24% of men and 17.4% in women…show more content…
An in-lab PSG (polysomnography) is the gold standard for diagnosing sleep apnea. There are three types of PSGs, consisting of the following: diagnostic, the initial test to establish a diagnosis; titration, the follow-up PSG to establish optimal therapy pressures; and split-night, the PSG that involves both of the diagnostic, and titration portion, of the test. A split-night sleep study may not be available for everybody, depending on the PSG, sleep time, diagnosis, and titration efforts (Berry, et al., 2012). The patient describes his sleep as restless, non-restorative. He explained that he has not had a restful night’s sleep for about four years. Furthermore, he stated that he started snoring about 10 years ago. Additionally, his girlfriend states that she has witnessed the patient snoring, and stop breathing on occasions. At times, she has aroused the patient due to him not

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