Bonnie And Clyde Essay

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Question #1: The theme “death of the heroes” is depicted in Bonnie and Clyde by Cylde being an armed robber who just got out prison. Also throughout the film they steal cars along the way. They are the anti-heroes of the film. Some personal problems that the character Clyde had was that he was okay with committing those crimes, but once his crime lead to actually killing a man he was upset. Another character flaw of Clyde was that he was not a ladies man. There were multiple times where Bonnie was shut down because of this trait. He even pretended to be asleep to stop her advances. But one thing that gets him to kiss her for the first time is when she wants to stay with him even though he offered to let her leave. Some person issues that led…show more content…
But the being in her room was not what would not pass it was that she was naked. She even yells at someone from her window all while having not a piece of clothing on. In my opinion this would not pass because during those earlier years they were more conservative. They wanted every movie rated g so everyone in the family could watch. Another thing in the film that would not pass the code would be the Bonnie and Clyde sleep in the same bed and also while their partner is sleeping in the chair right next to the bed. In my opinion this would not pass because sleeping in the same bed with a man is very suggestive towards sexual activities. Many other things would not pass especially all of the murder. When someone was murdered it was gruesome and bloody. This was dark and not family friendly therefore in my opinion would not pass the code. Some other things that would not pass code is all the cigarette smoking, alcohol, and guns. Another thing that would not pass production code was the use of profanity. These day we don’t think profanity was saying “Jesus” or “Damn” but during the time of the code those words were considered profanity. An aspect of the film that would not pass the code was that they used firearms, robbed banks, stole cars, and even showed sympathy for criminals because it shows it from their perspective. Those were

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