Anti Federalists Compromise

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The Founders needed to write a document that would accommodate the preferences of delegates from a large number of loosely knit states. Some delegates preferred a strong central government, while others thought that the Union could only be preserved if each state retained most of the authority. Although the two sides disagreed where more power should be allocated, both sides argued based on a common theme: fear. The Federalists wanted a strong central government to maintain the integrity of the Union and repel external threats. The Anti-Federalists wanted a weak government since they feared that a strong national government, as it had in Britain, would abuse its power. In order to win passage of the document, now known as the Constitution, a compromise was reached in that the government would have a national form of government mixed with other rights given to the states. The compromise achieved between a national and local government allowed states to retain their differences, control local affairs and protected against an…show more content…
One group viewed the national government as the supreme body, citing the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution as evidence. Another group believed that the states have precedence over the national government, citing a strict reading of the Tenth Amendment, which states that state government is given any powers not explicitly reserved for the national government in the Constitution. There is also a third interpretation of the Constitution which argues that both the Constitution allocates rights in such a way that both the national and state government are equal and are supreme in their respective spheres. These views are enforced through judicial decisions that favor a more nation- or state-centered depending on the circumstances of the nation and the philosophies of the justices
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