The Characters In Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars

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How many adjectives can describe one person? These adjectives make traits, traits characterize someone’s personality and who they are. Characters are judged by their actions and this is found in everyday literature. Alyss, Beddor’s character from The Looking Glass Wars, was described with many adjectives based off her actions. There is no specific amount of adjectives that can describe Alyss, it only depends on the actions she take on. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as childish, humble, adventurous, and rebellious. Beddor portrays Alyss as being childish when he writes, “Alyss demands that she does not need lessons on becoming queen from Bibwit” (Beddor). Alyss thinks since she has powers she can just imagine that she…show more content…
Beddor portrays Alyss be, conforming, lovable, and charming. On page 89 Beddor Alyss is characterized as conforming from this quote, “Give up her so-called ridiculous, fantastical delusions and enter wholeheartedly into the world around her. Become just like everyone else(p.89 Beddor).” This is when Alice breaks from all the hurt she is experiencing because she conforms to society. Alice is being characterized in this quote as conforming because she is changing herself to be more like society. This trait is not good to possess, Alyss needs to be herself and be proud of where she came from and fight for what she believes in. On page 95 of the novel Beddor portrays Alyss to also be a loveable character in this quote, “ Young men of rank paused in appreciation as Alice passed, took pains to know who she was, invited her to parties where they did their best to impress her with their wit and knowledge of worldly affairs (P.95 Beddor). In this quote Alyss is being noticed by all the young men of rank and all want Alyss as their wife and are trying to impress her. Alyss is very lucky to have the trait of being a loveable character, being lovable is a great trait for a girl in her situation. Beddor portrays Alyss to be sarcastic and charming in this quote, “Alice held out her hand for the prince to kiss. He seemed reluctant to let go. ‘I’m afraid you can’t keep it,…show more content…
It makes her a whole different person than who she was from the first two parts. Beddor portrays Alyss to be many things like, ungrateful, overwhelmed, and strong. Beddor has Alyss being characterized by many things, in this quote, “Alyss looked at her surroundings ‘Am I well? I shouldn’t say so.’” Alyss is acting ungrateful. Alyss wanted to be saved from London for many years and then Hatter and Dodge saved her and she acted like she did not want to leave. Alyss should be grateful that they risked their lives to save her. Alyss is rendered as an overwhelmed character in Beddor’s quote, “But she suddenly felt that it was all too much. ‘I think...if I could just lie down for a short while,’ she said.” Alyss is being overwhelmed with stories and expectations from the past and she is not feeling well.The Alyssians are relying on her to be their savior from Redd after all these years and Alyss does not think she can do it and she is overwhelmed. It is an understandable trait from what she is going through right now. Alyss may be defined by all these traits but the one that defines her most is strong, Alyss has proved many times in this story that she is strong,one that stood out is, “A couple of Three Cards broke away from Hatter, but before even he could react, with a

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