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Section A. Constitutional Background There were many problems with the effective government presented by the Articles of Confederation. It made the states and legislature supreme, which led to problems. There was no executive branch. The judicial branch was there, but had very limited functions. Congress did not have the power to tax, as well. Shays’ Rebellion occurred in 1786 and 1787. It was a series of protests by American Farmers against state and local administration of tax gatherings and rulings for debt. It proved that the central government was weak because they were unable to prepare an army. The Annapolis Convention was a national political convention in Annapolis, Maryland, where delegates from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,…show more content…
James Madison was the primary author of the plan. It was controversial because the smaller states did not believe they were being equally represented in Congress against states with larger populations. The New Jersey Plan proposed for each state to receive one vote in Congress instead of the number of votes being based on population. The Great Compromise created the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has an equal number of representatives for each state, like what The New Jersey Plan aimed for. The House of Representatives has one representative for each 30,000 people in each state, like what The Virginia Plan aimed for. It made Congress bicameral and solved the problem of representation in Congress. The Three-Fifths Compromise ruled that three-fifths of the slaves would count as a part of the population of a state; every 5 enslaved persons equaled 3 free persons. It solved the issue of what the “true population” was of each state to be sent in to the House of Representatives. It also solved taxing issues—the state was taxed in the same manner of the

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