Cinematography And Mise-En-Scene In The Film White Chicks

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In film the two key factors that make it whole is cinematography and mise-en-scene. Cinematography is the way the film is shot to create an image. Mise-en-scene is the arrangement of the frame, which includes the human figure, setting, composition and so on. Both of these factors play a critical role I film because if they are done correctly, they help move the flow of the film, as well as help the viewer relate consistently to the deeper theme of the film as a whole. I analyzed the film White Chicks (2004) and connected specific scenes back to the underlying theme of the entire film, racism against whites, to show the importance and impact of cinematography and mise-en-scene. The main characters are two FBI agents, Kevin Copeland and Marcus Copeland, are unsuccessful on one of their recent missions, which puts them in a bad place with their agency. In order to restore their reputations they take on an undercover abduction case. The plot of the movie thickens when they portray themselves as two white and…show more content…
The “girls” limo pulls up to the hotel and the scene gradually slows down. The camera angel is originally at their feet and then is slowly brought up their bodies to their faces. This effect really emphasizes the fact that the men are in white face, and are also now carrying and wearing high end products. Both of the men are wearing bright pink, and clearly are trying to fulfill the stereotype of two upper class, white females. The background does not play a role in the scene due to the angel of the camera, which puts the two girls in direct focus, and is completely concentrated on emphasizing their look. The camera stays focused on them and follows them as they walk up to the hotel where two men hit on them. The way they attack the men can also be seen as racist because the way the speak points out the stereotype of African American

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