Rhetorical Analysis Of Budweiser

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Budweiser sends lasting impression to America Natural disasters can permanently damage the lives of those involved. Homes can be rebuilt and the wreckage can be cleared, yet they still suffer. Communities work together to get through harsh times, and they are not the only ones gathering as one unit for a better cause. Budweiser has recently come out with its “Stand by You” commercial at the annual Super Bowl promoting their brewery in Cartersville and its efforts to help the communities after the effects of natural disasters. Florida, California, Texas, and Puerto Rico suffered from hurricanes, floods, and wildfires within a short period of time, so Budweiser is replacing beer cans with cans of water to deliver to these regions. Budweiser has created a first-hand viewing…show more content…
Image 1 is a screenshot from the actual advertisement showing Fahrenkrog supporting his team. He is the real senior general manager at the Cartersville Brewery—not an actor (Budweiser, 2018). Because he is shown in his everyday environment, viewers know Budweiser is not trying to fake an advertisement with paid actors. Additionally, the commercial is filmed at the real brewery showing the actual process of how Budweiser converts their beer cans to canned water. If viewers see it for themselves, they are more likely to believe it. Ethos also focuses on morals and values in addition to credibility and expertise. This commercial, unlike most, is not primarily focused on increasing sales or convincing people to buy their product. Instead, Budweiser is selflessly putting out the message of standing by others. Finally, logos is not incorporated into their advertisement, but the actual numbers of cans and gallons of water donated can be found on Budweiser’s website. Image 2 makes the impact the water donation program has made in the last thirty years more

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