Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions In The Air Force

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The most important concept I gathered from this module is ethical decisions. Making ethical decisions, in my opinion, can be one of the hardest tasks to interpret when placed in leadership or followership roles. People have to make decisions that are hard and they will have to live with those choices the rest of their life. They may believe their decision is ethical at the time, but in reality, they did not make the correct judgment. Being able to make those tough calls is very important to me because my choices have a heavy impact on the people I work with in the Air Force. I witnessed a Captain (Capt) who had fallen into ethical traps which led her into making some poor ethical decisions. This Capt’s priority as the flight commander was taking care of her people first before the mission. She befriended all the members of the flight and they did not see her as an authoritative figure. This Capt let her subordinates run all over her…show more content…
She constantly gave members of her flight third and fourth chances because she thought she was doing the right thing according to her religion. The Capt made a bad ethical decision to not use discipline to hold her subordinates accountable for their actions. She applied her religious beliefs by forgiving her subordinates. She suffered from ethical relativism because she lived by her own personal beliefs rather than enforcing Air Force standards. Her inability to make ethical decisions led to many implications. It destroyed the morale of the noncommissioned officers (NCO) who tried to hold their Amn accountable. The NCOs eventually gave up trying to keep discipline and the flight’s mission came to a halt. If the Capt made the right ethical decisions she would have avoided falling into the ethical traps. By avoiding ethical traps, the morale in the flight would stay positive and her NCOs wouldn’t have quit. This would’ve ensured the mission

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