Summary Of Andrew Jackson And The Search For Vindication By James C. Curtis

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In the book "Andrew Jackson and the Search for Vindication" James C.Curtis has written a biography of the seventeenth president. Curtis informs us of Jackson's dirty and competitive race for the Presidency in 1824, in which he won the popular vote but lost the Presidency after the election was thrown into the House of Representatives. When Jackson was finally elected, he pushed to have the Electoral College abolished and railed against life tenure for government workers. Jackson's Presidency was made up of four issues, the Second Bank of the United States, the Tariff of 1828, the Nullification Crisis, and Indian Removal. The two major issues were The Bank War and the Nullification Crisis. After Jackson's journey, Jackson left office in 1839 extremely popular. The author James C. Curtis thinks very highly of Andrew Jackson. Curtis thought Jackson was very tough and a vigorous leader. Curtis was able to take into consideration that Jackson was a normal human being and sympathizes for him. Curtis, just like any other human, is critical towards "heroes" in today’s world. Curtis put away his harsh judgment and took a look into Jackson's life with an open mind. Curtis's viewpoint on Jackson was that he was a vital force. Curtis throughout the biography notes Jackson's state of mind and strategies behind events. Curtis gives a great…show more content…
Jackson’s force in the Second Bank War of the United States was his most popular moment. It shaped the platform and rhetoric of Jackson Democratic Party. By making himself the people's tribune, he introduced a theme in American politics. Jackson was also a strong leader through his entire presidency and even before his presidency. On an emotional level, Jackson faced the death of his wife as well as other family members. Jackson inherited skills and strength from fighting in the War of 1812. Curtis felt that Jackson was well equipped for his presidency and Jackson proved

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